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News - What's Going On

- Xi and Putin looks like new pals.

- Ukraine gets a $15.6bn loan from the IMF.

- First Republic might be joining Credit Suisse.

- The housing sales in America went UP in February.

- And Japan beat USA in World Baseball yesterday night.

Although baseball is not important, in just a few days it feels like the world turned upside down.

The east is playing “Who-Has-The-Biggest” politics with the west, and every sight of wrongdoing and inch of advantage is being blown up to big problems and new sanctions be it economic, trade, technology etc.

A classic fight for the World Order.

A fight that at this point feel like a big old tomato war…

… Everyone is fighting.

… No one is really winning.

… And we’re all sharing the same.

What’s quite obvious is the opening rift between the east and the west, with US and China as the final bosses on each side, and then poor Taiwan in the middle.

The rest of us are mayonets, at best adding in some more tomatoes to the fight or cheering for our “hero”.

Tonight Jerome Powell is on with his interest rate decision, and maybe/maybe not it will calm down the kids for a while.

But I’m not counting on it.

I’m counting on the fight to escalate, eventually causing the markets to come down hard.

We will let time decide.

Long-term Martin, out


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