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News - Champion Investor

Thanks to those who put their trust in me.

I've now reached Champion Investor with only 7 followers, as those who copy me are confident in my ability to take care of their investments for the very long-term, in good markets and in the current bad ones.

The difference will be made over the years, not over a few months.

To share some insights I find my clients mostly through LinkedIn, where I get close to them through meetings and even 1:1 Mentor Programs. They then go on to invest themselves, and tag along with me for part of their strategy.

That's my angle to it, different to most in here, and so far it have worked out pretty well.

What I want to do is build a portfolio of investors that are close to me, and who wants to come along on the long-term journey of stable investment returns.

Now we just need to get out of these tough and volatile markets :)

You can copy with $600 an up, with open trades.

I urge you to email me first, so we can have a good intro meeting:


Long-term Martin, out.



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